Rainsome Lone

An atmospheric, relaxing and melancholic ambient set with some epic parts. It starts somewhere far away and comes down to ground level very quickly. The middle part is dominated by deepness and repetitive soundscapes turning around themselves. It moves on, fading to more lighter music, still some soundscapes but with a perspective, a “happy end” which is descpribed with warm and welcoming music.

Rainsome Lone ambient, electronica 63 min 105 mb mp3 232 Kbit VBR download


  1. Saito Koji – Time
    taken from Time / Line [RB053]
  2. Ambitronic – Masquera
    taken from Ambitronic [Kreislauf036]
  3. Maps And Diagrams – Panama!
    taken from Intelligent Toys Vol. 4 [Sutemos019]
  4. Norman Fairbanks – Passing And Posing
    taken from Living Near The Valley [Norman Fairbanks]
  5. NGC 1365 – Second Coming
    taken from Intelligent Toys Vol. 5 [Sutemos023]
  6. Yagya – Walkman
    taken from Draumar Um Kalt Sumar [Sutemos012]
  7. Tomas Jirku – I Think I’m In Love
    taken from The Freest Of Radicals [IMNT 0201/02]
  8. Anders Ilar – Rain In All Familiar Places
    taken from Twilight Rainfalls [Anders Ilar]
  9. Adamned.Age – Solitude
    taken from Tard dans la nuit [intoxikltd13]
  10. Vladislav Delay – Lumi
    taken from Intelligent Toys Vol. 4 [Sutemos019]
  11. Planet Boelex – Diciassette Anni
    taken from Misplaced EP [mtk163]
  12. Wildach Sonnenkraut – Calypso
    taken from Intelligent Toys Vol. 5 [Sutemos023]
  13. Ulrich Schnauss – Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Away
    taken from Intelligent Toys Vol. 2 [Sutemos007]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken somewhere in Berlin.

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  2. absolutely beautiful mix.. thanks so much. we are very glad to have you back on the scene!

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