Repetitive Luxury

While starting up with some analog mush this dj-set becomes pretty clear and danceable and hifi-sounding after a little while. While moving on it starts morfing and a some minimal tones and soundscapes are starting to take over the scene. Some love tones are kept for the finishing. Welcome to this extravagant journey.

Pushing And Leaning deep house, dub techno, minimal, tech house 64 min 104 mb mp3 227 Kbit VBR download


  1. Tekdev69 – Errant Signal 26
    taken from Errant Signals [KY_D09]
  2. Kagneux – Big K
    taken from RĂ©incarnations Vol.3 [IM10]
  3. Liquid Level – Dark Voices
    taken from Redemtion LP [DID014]
  4. Tekdev69 – Warsaw Soul (Ruxpin RMX)
    taken from Warsaw’s Souls [LEGO005]
  5. Frivolous vs DJG – Kisses (Spilt Milk Mix)
    taken from Slinky/XXX EP [EPS12]
  6. Thomas Danger – Skikkelig Minimal
    taken from Skikkelig BlÄ EP [PREP34]
  7. Alland Byallo – 5th Avenue
    taken from Club Soda & Salt [EPS06]
  8. Eric Brandy – Mvet Tool
    taken from va – Pinksilver 1-Year Anniversary [PSNET010]
  9. Georg Neufeld – Deep Pleasure (M-Lito Remix)
    taken from Georg Neufeld EP [WIM07]
  10. Emmerichk – N2
    taken from 4th [YkYk014]
  11. Mujuice – Silver Highways
    taken from Stil l[FRAG008]
  12. Modul – Transport
    taken from Inbox [NORE014]
  13. Juan Frank – Word On Letter L
    taken from When Morning Blossoms [FRAG013]
  14. Etherlink – Depart
    taken from Depart EP [schall_003]
  15. Hans Carstens – Airport
    taken from Aeroplane EP [TRO48]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken at MUMOK Vienna.

5 thoughts on “Repetitive Luxury

  1. really cool mix! any one who hasn’t heard this needs to get a liitle culture.
    Top stuff keep the decks spinning

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