The Crocheted Fried Egg

This mix presents mainly some friendly house and dub techno tracks including some current classics of the netaudio worlds for rather having a smooth evening than for exploring big innovations although there are maybe some unusual sounds or tracks included. It would be somewhat boring otherwise.

This mix is a “re-mix” of a DJ-set played live last Friday at the wonderful Weinerei in Nürnberg. Normally the live recorded version would have been published instead of a “synthetic” mix but the non creative commons tracks had to be removed from the set to make it publishable (legally) for free.

The name of this set was caused by a real crocheted fried egg. It was forgotten by a guest that evening at the club and that guest moved heaven and hell to get this particular egg back. So this egg was the most important thing of that evening (beside of the music of course ;).

The Crocheted Fried Egg deep house, dub techno, minimal, tech house, techno 68 min 117 mb 239 Kbit VBR download


  1. Alexandre Bilodeau – Veins-Tu
    taken from Veins-Tu [EPS22]
  2. Vincent Casanova – Take Me Beyond (Paul Keeley Remix)
    taken from Rainforest EP [EPS08]
  3. Theodor Zox – Oker Motion
    taken from Pastels 1-4 EP [THN059]
  4. alex_Q – Stay
    taken from Wake Up EP [NORE013]
  5. Dual Perception – Oscillator-Controlled Voltage
    taken from Never Mind The Industry … Here’s iD.EOLOGY! [iD.025]
  6. Elektrodrei – Burnalicious
    taken from Dreirad [ALW014]
  7. Trace – Dream On
    taken from Kiss And Run [THN105]
  8. Thomas Danger – Skikkelig Minimal (Spluskamter Lactavent Miks)
    taken from va – Skikkelig BlĂ„ EP [PREP34]
  9. Alland Byallo – Skidmarks
    taken from Club Soda & Salt [EPS06]
  10. RuiD – Ways
    taken from LoveBOX [BP022]
  11. Alta Infidelidad – Ritmo Propio
    taken from Cactus Y Volcanes [THN083]
  12. Sensual Physics – I Think For Myself
    taken from Expanding Itself [EPS17]
  13. Komponente – Waiting
    taken from Blue Objects EP [DPLM05]
  14. Modul – Sliding Fiba
    taken from Inbox [NORE014]
  15. SCSI-9 – Time’s Up
    taken from Ich Kann Nicht Anders [FRAG005]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture originally taken by normanack.

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