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Long before this website was launched, many of [in]anace’s dj sets were already spread around the web. These sets typically presented free and non-commercial netmusic. One platform for these mixes was the netlabel Subsource, which unfortunately closed down in 2006. But it wasn’t the only platform for such DJ sets. Other venues and other netlables also hosted some guest mixes.

This page gives an overview of all the classic mixes of [in]anace. Some of them are quite straightforward and rhythm-based, while others go deep into electronic space and discover noises and sounds. Not all of them contain strictly electronic music. But these mixes are perfect to get an overview of the young and vibrant net music scene of the early 21st century.

If you want to stream these DJ sets, you can use the Webamp Player.

namemusic genredatelengthsizedownloadplaylist.txt
Natural Technoelectronica, ambient11/200568 min92 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Netstockfestelectronica, glitch, deep house, dub techno03/200568 min93 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Lab30 Augsburger Kunstlaborelectronica, ambient, glitch, idm11/2004122 min159 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Live im 100 cluB Fünfeckturm Nürnbergelectronica, tech house, deep house, dub techno10/2004267 min367 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Radio GAGA: Late-Night Editionidm, electronica, glitch, spoken word09/2004109 min135 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Pulkpushing Revolving Doorstechno, tech house08/200455 min77 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Realmotionbreakbeats, ambient, dub techno, 07/200465 min89 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Taktpunktendeep house, dub techno06/200461 min55 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Live in der DESI Nürnbergelectronica, ambient, glitch04/200478 min103 mbdownload
Bonbon Foldingsambient, electronica, deep house03/200475 min105 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Radio GAGAidm, electronica, glitch, spoken word01/2004114 min124 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Bettis Inspirationenelectronica, ambient12/200379 min88 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Boom Tschak Celldeep house, dub techno08/200374 min88 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Die Lounge / Mannheimdeep house, downbeat, idm, dub techno06/200374 min82 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Nachtclub Mai03electronica, ambient, glitch05/2003116 min114 mbdownload 
Largest Slot Machinedub house, electronica, downbeat05/200360 min65 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Nachtclub Februar03dub techno, ambient, electronica02/2003117 min123 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Touch Toneselectronica, ambient, downbeat01/200379 min79 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Nachtclub Dezember02dub techno, ambient, electronica, glitch12/2002119 min124 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Aiicheologyidm, glitch10/200260 min61 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Sushi Smurrelectronica, ambient09/200271 min67 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Round Boundelectronica, idm, ambient08/200261 min59 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Skobber Spurenglitch06/200273 min72 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Fast Foward Saturdayelectronica, idm, ambient05/200273 min73 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Thinner Processdub techno03/200259 min57 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Bedazzled Movementselectronica, ambient08/200165 min59 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Mentioned Waystechno, minimal06/200150 min35 mbdownloadplaylist.txt
Transport Authorityelectronica, ambient05/200149 min39 mbdownloadplaylist.txt

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20 thoughts on “Netaudio DJ Sets Archive

  1. He! toll Deine feinen tunes auch zu hören, wenn man nicht in nbg ist! danke für die beschallung unvergessener stunden! saludos

  2. Deine Sets sind klasse! Ich hör sie immer beim Arbeiten, weil ich mich mit solcher Mucke besser konzentrieren kann. PayPal folgt demnächst! :-)

  3. also kompliment! echt sehr schöne seite, mit allem drum und dran! und saugute mixe, muss man echt immer wieder sagen! :)

  4. muh muh ich hör nix die boxen sind in der schatulle von meiner tante ihrem fahrradhändler

  5. Lovely mixes. What song do you play at around 197:00 in the 100 cluB Fünfeckturm Nürnberg mix?

  6. very nice impressions here, thx for subsource too.

  7. Dude, I love your music! It’s great for making art, reading, sleeping, and writing.

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