Bulb Appreciation

A warm, atmospheric and relaxing ambient set with smooth fades and wave-like movements from quiet to loud parts. Acoustic parts are included as well as drones. In other words, everything that makes ambient music so pleasant. The light bulb shown in the picture was the only light source besides the computer screen while mixing this set, so this dj set is dedicated to it.

  • 62 min
  • 79 mb
  • mp3 177 Kbit VBR


  1. Qads – 6
    taken from Oldies [SITE06]
  2. NITRO – PVA
    taken from Truba LP [DN011]
  3. Helioce – Orange
    taken from Lighted Apartment Sampler [MIA50]
  4. Navarro – Kitoubong
    taken from Future Nature [raam009 (r.i.p.)]
  5. Supine – Weather Outlet
    taken from Lighted Apartment Sampler [MIA50]
  6. Letna – Crossing The Bridge (Novisad)
    taken from Tisza meets Dunav [zym018]
  7. Konrad Bayer – Tokki
    taken from Songs For Sunhi [APL024]
  8. Entia Non – Macro Rhetoric
    taken from Sub Routine [RB023]
  9. Monohm – Hidden Track (Tour de France 03)
    taken from Splendens EP [monohm006]
  10. Emil Klotzsch – sctl14
    taken from Tiefe Berge [APL036]
  11. Blamstrain – Reimari
    taken from Kavel EP [THN013]
  12. Protogroup – Love Gives Strength To My Soul
    taken from Love Gives Strength To My Soul [APL037]
  13. Twile – Grimalkin
    taken from Traum-A [APL047]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken in the livingroom.