Connected by Netaudio

In April 2011, an experimental party concept became a reality. It was a party where artists were asked to play only tracks released on netlabels. Furthermore, the party took place simultaneously in two cities, Weimar and Leipzig in Germany. These cities were connected via a live audio and video stream so that the DJs and live acts could play in both cities at the same time. A third location was actually the Internet itself. Of course, it was also possible to listen to the stream from any computer in the world.

This set was the opening set for the “Connected by netaudio” party, but it’s not a live recording. The recording is available, but due to the bad audio quality it is hardly publishable. Finally, a remixed version of the set was created with a slightly modified playlist. It presents some favorite dub techno, minimal and tech house tracks from the last years. Music that was chosen and played to fill the empty dance floor at the beginning of this special night. And … well … it worked!

Big thanks to “Auflegware” for making this night possible and to all the nice and fancy people who made this night something special. Thanks and enjoy the mix!

  • 77 min
  • 138 mb
  • mp3 251 Kbit VBR


  1. Keinzweiter – Mircoobee
    taken from M [MND008]
  2. Atomic – Hydrokodonee
    taken from Spice Bazaar EP [slgrv_36]
  3. Granlab – 11 07 1
    taken from Perfect Lifeform LP [did017]
  4. Tom Dazing – Scrambled Lowball
    taken from Aesthetik Label Showcase [1016AD]
  5. Zzzzra – Grotesque
    taken from Pneuma EP [did018]
  6. Ambitronic (feat. Anja Grugel) – Christa
    taken from Jackstrap [plx008]
  7. Keinzweiter – Galapagos Station Uplink
    taken from Globus Cassus [SMV009]
  8. Hakan Lidbo – Foglossning [Tim Susa rmx]
    taken from Pasture – The Future of Past 2 [brq070]
  9. Zoltan Solomon – Ventillator
    taken from For The Girls Who Died Last Night [did049]
  10. Koalips – Positron
    taken from Microparticles [did047]
  11. Richard Parker – On My Mind
    taken from Pinksilver 365 [PSNET010]
  12. Bool – Ropey Sax
    taken from Altered State 01 [WA017]
  13. Mr. Zu – In The Distance
    taken from Textured Circles [did030]
  14. Ronny Pries – BC 02
    taken from 101 [one01]
  15. Sans Soleil – Zapopan
    taken from Boreal [THN094]
  16. Neotnas – Kai
    taken from Intelligent Toys: We Make Music [Sutemos027]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Photo taken at “Connected by netaudio” party, Weimar.

Update Nov 2011
The GEMA, a performance rights organisation in Germany, claims money for this party where only CC music was played. The GEMA has no rights to this music.
Have a look at this article for details (in German).

5 thoughts on “Connected by Netaudio

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  2. sehr schön war das. schönes tracklisting.
    ich war auf der leipziger seite.
    find´s auch toll, dass du zwei track von keinzweiter gespielt hast, der ja auch zum UNOIKI kollektiv dazugehört
    besten gruss, bogdan

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