Networks Mix

This mix presents a sweet collection of electronic music produced or remixed by Finnish musicians. The intention to create this set came up when my former company merged with a Finnish global player. So this music is a warm hello to my new northern colleagues (although Finnish music probably isn’t very new to them).

  • 60 min
  • 79 mb
  • mp3 182 Kbit VBR


  1. Bad Loop – Lumme
    taken from Lumme EP [kahvi029a]
  2. Recue – Himanka
    taken from Between Stations [one026]
  3. if:then:goto – Easy (Bad Loop Remix)
    taken from Another Syntax Error [one022]
  4. Blamstrain – 031231 (Theme For A Wordless Moment)
    taken from VA – Crossways [thn070]
  5. AGF – Rakasta
    jataken from
  6. Bad Loop – Eri Valeire
    taken from Lou [one018]
  7. Lackluster – Doused
    taken from Fin Chip Pimp (
  8. Bad Loop – 50mikrog
    taken from
  9. Bad Loop – 3b or t
    taken from Lou [one018]
  10. Vladislav Delay – d/kompiila
    taken from
  11. Plosive – Pavlovian Fear
    taken from Neutral [one012]
  12. Recue – Between Stations
    taken from Between Stations [one026]
  13. Yasahi – Where Am I?
    taken from VA – Cameos [kahvi101b]
  14. Lackluster – Grind
    taken from Distance (
  15. Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay) – Big Hearts Come Later
    taken from Vapaa Muurari live (

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken in Helsinki, harbor area.

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