Persistent Basic Waves

This set is basically part two of the Convenient Evolution dub mix that was released almost a year ago. It presents strictly dub techno and dub influenced deep house music. Starting with some classic dub sounds, the set melts into nice club flavored parts and gets more and more groovy without losing its dubby space and depth.

Please note that many of the tracks in this collection were released on netlabels that no longer exist. So this mix keeps a little bit of history alive and the persistent attitude of the music will protect you from rapidly changing times, at least for two hours.

  • 117 min
  • 202 mb
  • mp3 242 Kbit VBR


  1. Havantepe – Eskihisar
    taken from Cismarine [cism_5]
  2. Gradient – Seashore
    taken from Seashore [THN113]
  3. Ohrwert – 20080920
    taken from Unreleased 2008
  4. Gradient – Changes
    taken from Seashore [THN113]
  5. Gastón Arévalo – Dia De Campo
    taken from Dia De Campo [red009]
  6. Daniel Stefanik – Save My Soul
    taken from Celebration Compilation [1bit006]
  7. Gastón Arévalo – Austral
    taken from Austral [THN109]
  8. Juan Frank – Limited Day
    taken from When Morning Blossoms [frag013]
  9. Gastón Arévalo – Insular
    taken from Austral [THN109]
  10. DML & Holger Leger – Subconscious
    taken from Tropical Split EP [gft net 004]
  11. Someone Else – Generic Atmo
    taken from unhappy anniversary [unfound13]
  12. Gastón Arévalo – Dubois
    taken from Austral [THN109]
  13. Laura Palmer – Borderline
    taken from 100 [THN100]
  14. Frank Molder – Come With Me (DML’s Dub City Remix)
    taken from The Remix Files Vol. 1 [gft net 002]
  15. Grit – Autumn
    taken from va – Cismarine [cism_5]
  16. Dapayk – Loopo
    taken from unhappy anniversary [unfound13]
  17. Gastón Arévalo – Escafandra
    taken from Música Para Pecéras [TRO26]
  18. DML – Arbeitstitel
    taken from Into The Deep [gft net 003]
  19. Miguel Tutera – Desorden De Andiedad
    taken from unhappy anniversary [unfound13]
  20. Parametric – I Miss
    taken from Panorama [SMT009]
  21. DML – Fin (Suedmilch Remix)
    taken from Fin (Remixed) [gft net 005]
  22. Audacious Clay – Aarons Journey
    taken form Bon Voyage [sm021]
  23. Xoki – Midnight in NV
    taken from Untitled [KYOTO01]
  24. Jeff Willett – gp15
    taken from Conscience Utterance EP [c-c-rec_007]
  25. Electribalt – Phecda II
    taken from Beneath the Sky [SS05]

Picture artwork by [in]anace.

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