Radiant Projections

Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey through space and time with this ambient DJ set that takes you on a 94-minute sound journey. This playlist consists of carefully selected music from the netaudio sector, including both old and timeless treasures from netlabels. Some of these labels no longer exist today, while others are still active and enrich us with their unique sounds.

Each track tells its own story and adds to the atmosphere, immersing you in a world of calm and reflection. From the gentle sounds of Daniel Blomqvist’s “Midnatt Råder” to the deep, atmospheric tones of Kwook’s “Cloudhopper”, this set offers a seamless and harmonious soundscape.

Experience the magic of ambient music and let yourself be enchanted by the flowing melodies and multi-layered textures. This set is a tribute to the creative diversity and pioneering spirit of the Netaudio community.

  • 94 min
  • 164 mb
  • mp3 244 Kbit VBR


  1. Daniel Blomqvist – Midnatt Råder
    taken from Skallberget [APL044]
  2. Offthesky – Life As A Spark In The Army Of Dust
    taken from Re-Passage 1 [PASS011A]
  3. 020200 and [in]anace – merge
    taken from From Crop To Merge [63_042]
  4. Gyges – Waumm
    taken from Composite Massive [PAN002]
  5. OCP – Atmos One
    taken from Atmos [SER012]
  6. Siegmar Fricke – Synphaseq
    taken from Medical Soundscapes [SUB059]
  7. Letna – Crossing the Bridge (Novisad)
    taken from Tisza Meets Dunav [ZYM018]
  8. Gaston Arevalo – Estuario
    taken from Habitat [PASS009]
  9. von Zeitz – We wait
    taken from Return To Velatropa [audiot a5]
  10. Access To Arasaka – Hotel [feat. Nine Volt Disaster]
    taken from METAX [ill027]
  11. Slow – Whale Kid
    taken from Re-Passage 2 [PASS011B]
  12. Essentia Sound & Ekodust – Rf104
    taken from Synthetic Elements [Ekodust bandcamp]
  13. Inanitas – GAS
    taken from Another Spheres [SS12]
  14. Ishome – Nothing
    taken from Eva [PROTON0159]
  15. Twile – Grimalkin
    taken from Traum-a [APL047]
  16. Klotzsch & Krey – I See My Own feat. Werner Kitzmueller
    taken from Through All These Years Of Trying To Belong [12rec.056]
  17. Muhr – L’écoulement
    taken from OIO [SER010]
  18. Access To Arasaka – Raised Subway Platform
    taken from METAX [ill027]
  19. Kwook – Cloudhopper
    taken from Immiscible [one011]

Artwork by [in]anace.

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